Instrumental music for Acoustic Guitar, Echo, String Synthesizer, Modular Synthesizer, Rhythm Machine, Electric Piano and Field Recordings. Limited LP Edition of 234 on Sophomore Lounge Records.
Each LP Jacket features a screen printed and unique hand stamped design by FM. Record will not be as pictured, as no two copies feature same imagery.



“A set of spry, pastoral Aecoustic Guitar and errant Electronic pieces that harken back to libraries by Teisco, Vittorio Marino, and the like, yet mapped in an alien manner unlike any known lanes. Unusual,
and uniformly excellent.” - Keith Fullerton Whitman

”Solo flight from Chris Bush of Caboladies/Flower Man & Equipment Pointed Ankh. 13 tracks of tunefully coruscating modular synth and familial acoustic guitar. Some of the simmering/unknowable crowd murmur made famous by the Caboladies is present here, though the bulk of Breslin’s meat has the dial set to Song. “Clocks In Mirrors” recalls The United States of America at their most chiming and bucolic (think Cloud Song) while “View of the Interior From The Road” moves in and out of focus gently introducing an element of unease for the walk home. The digital sprinklers of “Untitled” and “Cooling White Projecting” could be on the other side of the street from Richard Youngs’ Garden of Stones. “A Sketch of the Lobby and Staircase” sees Emitt Rhodes up all night on the world’s first wooden computer typing over and over “You don’t always need to sing…”. Rough hewn and handmade, the DIY song-spirit of Gareth Williams and Mary Currie’s Flaming Tunes and the pastoral bubbling of Broadcast in full on british library music mode.”- Jim Marlowe

“Looking out into the vanishing and the hills give way to spark, Breslin cooling white projecting on occasion.”
"Been so long since we've had some F.M. Finally.. on LP after all these years. I seriously didn't want it to end. Subtle, pastoral, cohesive and scenic.  Best record I've heard all year." 
- Joe Bastardo (Moss Archive/Bastian Void)

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